Pure Art

Many woodturning artists shift from the utilitarian nature of the craft to create pieces that are to be enjoyed solely for their artistic impression and are not to be used in any other way. I have a few such pieces in my collection shown below. They have been turned down for display in most galleries. Maybe they are just a bit too sophisticated for the average gallery.






Flying Fury

I took advantage of a crack in the wood to create this masterpiece.
I have mastered the process of drying the wood to produce cracks
that open up exactly at the completion of each of these type works.

$6,125 (unfinished & unsigned)

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Shallow Well

While creating this bowl I had in mind the interaction of man and nature
and his struggle to overcome it. Maybe I should have had in mind how
thin and fragile the bowl was getting.

$4,750 (unfinished & unsigned)

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Broken Promise

This piece implicitly displays the delacacy of our universe and how
interaction with it can be pondered with fragile minds that don't
anticipate the unexpected results.

$7,125 (unfinished & unsigned)

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Unseen Beauty

This piece conveys the the image that beauty is not in everything
that the universe holds in its grasp. In fact, as this piece plainly
shows, somethings are just plain unattractive, but it's the inner
beauty that can't be seen that is featured in this piece.

$2,950 (unsigned)

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Natural Power

In some cases man should not attempt to impose his rule on nature,
as this piece clearly shows. The natural elements and forces have
ways of getting their revenge. It's mans continuous struggle to
overcome the nautral environment that this work of art explores.

$5,375 (unfinished & unsigned)

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Football Fever

Water is a very powerful invisible force in nature that is not recognized.
I created this piece with that idea in mind. The piece was turned in its
natural green state and then I let nature take its course with the rest.

$3,995 (unfinished & unsigned)

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You've got to be joking!










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